Abstract Submission Guidelines

The Scientific Committee welcomes the submission of free communication abstracts for presentation at the 24th Malaysian Urological Conference. FREE COMMUNICATIONS could be in the following modes of presentation:

  1. Oral
  2. Poster
  3. Video

All accepted abstracts will be publish in the BJUI Supplement.

Deadline for submission of abstracts: 7th September 2015


  • No limit is imposed on the number of abstracts submitted.
  • Abstracts must be submitted in ENGLISH. Authors must ensure that abstracts are submitted with no spelling errors and grammatically correct English. The Scientific Committee reserves the right to reject any abstract in poor English or request for revision. Whenever necessary, the committee reserves the right to edit abstracts for spelling and grammar.
  • Submissions of abstracts must be accompanied by payment of registration fees. If the abstract is subsequently not accepted or withdrawn by the author, registration fees may be refunded in accordance with the cancellation policy.
  • Authors are permitted to indicate their preferred mode of presentation. However FINAL selection for oral, poster or video presentation will be under the discretion of the Scientific Committee.
  • Upon selection, a notification of acceptance will be sent to authors. This will be followed by scheduling details and guidelines for the final preparation of abstracts.


Structure of abstracts

Abstracts should comprise the following elements, with each beginning a new paragraph:

  • Title: The abstract title should be in initial capital/lower case, not all capitals.
  • Authors: Authors names should be supplied in the surname-last format and should be in initial capital/lower case, not all capitals. Institutional affiliations should be indicated with superscript numbers following the author name.
  • Affiliation: All affiliations should contain institution, city and country.
  • Abstract text: Sub-headings e.g. Introduction, Methods, Results, Conclusions may be included if required.
  • References: (optional) References can be included in the abstract text or as a list following the abstract. The style of the references should follow the style of the Journal e.g. numbered or author/date style. Any references included in a reference list must be cited within the abstract text.
  • Tables: Tables can be included with abstracts and must be cited in the abstract text. The abstracts themselves must be in text, not table format.
    • Tables should be supplied as Tab-spaced text (not key-spaced), or as Word tables, i.e. not pasted in from other applications
    • Carriage returns should not be used within cells
    • Tables will be reduced to one column width
  • Figures: All figures should be cited in the text of the abstract.
    • If figures are necessary, they should be of high quality, and lettering/symbols/lines should be clear and distinct as they will be reduced to one column width for publication, and there will not be sufficient time to revise them. By default they will be printed in black and white

Please ensure that all special characters/symbols/artwork are retained in the electronic copy, and as a precaution, hard copy should be supplied for reference if special characters have been used.

If necessary, specify any special characters used to represent non-keyboard characters, or use ASCII codes. Where possible, supply a special character palette for authors to select the relevant character when submitting by Website. This character palette should include:

  • Alt0177 = ±
  • Alt0181 = µ
  • Alt0163 (symbol font) = □
  • Alt0163 (symbol font) = □
  • Alt0180 (symbol font) = □
Take care not to use I (cap i) or l (ell) for 1 (one), O (capital o) for 0 (zero) or ß (German esszett) for □ (beta).

The abstract should not be more than 250 words.

Leave one line between the title/author/institution and the body of the abstract.
Text must be typed single-space, with only the left margin justified.
Use of graphs, tables and illustration is not permitted.



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